The Bing Turkby Ensemble

Atlantean Night Tourists

This album celebrates the 20th year of the Bing Turkby Ensemble. Combining elements of Madness and The Stooges, with a hefty dollop of country guitar sounds, there are songs about Atlantis, necromancers, and people who talk about nothing but guitars.

The Musomancer

A 'Dan Brown-meets-Led Zeppelin'-style thriller, featuring lots of guitars, amps and effect pedals, as well as a musical warlock and an unlikely hero. Set in the exotic environs of Palmerston North, Aotearoa.

From Bog To Swamp

High-energy Celtic rock with a Palmy twist. From the peat bogs of Ireland to the swamp of Te Papaioea/Palmerston North. "Front-man Bing Turkby has pulled together something great and I highly recommend giving this one a spin" - Matt Mutinous,



Starting in 1996 as one man, a wig and a tape deck, the Bing Turkby Ensemble now features this cast of miscreants: Bing Turkby (geetar, yelling, accordion, trombone), Tyrone T. Blowhard (saxamaphone), Slapskins McBOOOm (drumbelinas), and MacDeth (low-end mayhem). The band's music has been described as "Darcy Clay meets Deja Voodoo", and "a shining beacon of originality in a sea of mediocrity". Based in Te Papaioea, Aotearoa, the BTE has been known to travel as far as Auckland and even Dunedin to play at people. The primary message to be conveyed is: we're having fun - you can have fun too. Start a band!